Loyal Order of Moose, Lodge #764
Board of Officers 2019-2020
North Port Moose Officers
Governor: Terry Seal
Jr Governor: Gene Herbst
Prelate: George Garmon
Treasurer: Larry Mahorney
Jr. Past Governor: Paul Hedrick
Trustee: Rick Novak
Trustee: Keith Korbus
Trustee: Ed Mell
Administrator: Mike Lambert
Sergeant-at-Arms: Don Caron
Inner Guard: Cryus Hadley
Outer Guard: Bill Hostetler
The Board of Officers meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 6:00 PM.

The General Membership meeting is same dates at 7:00 PM. Members are encouraged
to attend at least one of of the bi-monthly meetings.
You've heard of Moose. Now consider becoming one.
Why join?
Its affordable: annual dues range from just $35 to $100 per year-generally less than half the cost of other service-related membership organizations. And the special Member Benefits package far outweighs the cost of annual dues, with some members saving thousands of dollars each year. There is no longer a need for a paper application: just click on beamoose.com and you can apply through a secure portal with Moose International.

It's flexible: As a member, you choose how involved you want to be. Whether you join through a local Lodge because you want to get involved in planning and running local events and activities, or join as a Moose “at large” to focus support solely on Mooseheart and Moosehaven, you receive the full benefits of your membership.

It's enjoyable: We have fun! Lodge and Chapter-based activities are always happening just around the corner. Fund raising BBQs, live entertainment, golf competitions and Vegas nights are just some of the ways our members let loose.
Click on the be-a-moose link above.
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